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Mental and Emotional Benefits of Dancing

Dancing for the Soul
Debbie Cook has been an avid dancer all her life. She has found dancing to be an amazing stress reliever and positive influence on her mind and emotions.
Mental and emotional health concerns are on the rise in the increasingly demanding world of work and education in the U.S. Making deadlines and struggling to increase work performance is a constant worry for people of all ages and careers.

Debbie Cook has found exercise to be one of the most common forms of care for mental health and one of the most natural ones, too. Exercise releases endorphins, making you feel happier and more relaxed while also improving your physical health as well. Some forms of exercise can relieve different stresses for different people. Dancing, for example, is not only great exercise, but the vast varieties of dance as an art offer more opportunities for stress relief than more singular exercises such as weight lifting or running.
Dance is an incredibly dynamic skill to develop in the for…