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Basic Ballroom Dancing Styles

Dancer Debbie Cook loves teaching different ballroom dancing styles to individuals of all ages and learning levels. 

There are hardly better ways to break the ice, socialize and be merry than the medium of dancing, particularly ballroom dancing. While there are many styles of ballroom dancing, all originating from different parts of the world with very different techniques and flavor, the common denominator continues to be the presence of a partner and dancing as a social means to meet and greet.

Over the years, Debbie Cook has mastered many ballroom dancing styles and has explained the basics of each style below to help other dance enthusiasts gain knowledge and experience. 
Cha ChaChá
Cha ChaChá, also known as Cha Cha originates from Cuba and is popular for its sultry moves. The dance style gained popularity in the states in the 50’s and continues to be a major style in ballroom competitions. The style is identifiable by its precise footwork, sharp turns and flamboyant style.



A Brief History of Ballroom Dancing

While a dance instructor and professional dancer, Debbie Cook has always been interested in the history of dance and how it has become a part of our culture. Ballroom dancing is derived from the Latin word "ballare" meaning "to dance." While going to the dance may remind a person of painfully awkward times in middle school, going to the ball evokes a sensation of magical grandeur. The location (the ballroom) and the dancers (the elite) once were the defining difference between ballroom and the folk dancing of the common people. Fortunately, today ballroom dancing is a bit more egalitarian and is defined by the form: couples dancing independently of anyone else. In the Middle Ages, dances in and out of the ballroom did not differ much. People generally danced in lines and circles. Switching partners was common. The first account of ballroom dancing was written by Thoinot-Arbeau in Orchésographie in 1588, but these techniques are not included in modern ballroom dance. …